Why Choose Us

We know we are a newcomer in this glass water bottle business oversea, thus we have to work more harder and do a better service to compare with the competitors.

Benefits from the previous time OEM working for China brand, we are now having a big warehouse to store the normal and classic hot sale glass water bottles designs, thus 7-10 days we can delivery out bottles.

Details is the key of success.With 10 years experiences of the production and trading, we know the clients caring about,to make sure the bottles not broken, not scratch, be clean, and printing well.

Since from the established date of Yubu bottles, the CEO makes a clear statement and principle, that is to quote a reasonable price, and do best to save the money for clients.

We support those enterprises or start ups who wants to establish their own brand of glass water bottle, thus for the beginning, we would like to do  hard for lower order quantity as we can to save budget for clients and reduce the risks.

While knowing the real requirements from the clients, and noticing that they are really needing the samples for test the market or the quality, we would like to offer free samples.

With decade years in this water bottles business lines, we have many partners and friends in mold, accessories, designs, it is easy for us to get those sources for helping to do your own designs.


Yubu focus on to offer solutions for those glass water bottle entrepreneurs who want to bring out their own brand bottle.

About 5 years ago, the water bottle market showed up large needs for quality and pure containers that are BPA free and non-toxin, due to increasing concerns from people of harmful chemicals leaching from the plastic bottles. Under this trend, the best safest material glass, had been the ultimate alternative.

Our company founder Victory Huang saw that the market has many start up wanted to design their own glass water bottles, but not workable due to the limit of minimum order quantity and mold cost. Thus he decided to set up Yubu with a designer, a director of glass factory, a mold technician, to help those entrepreneurs to make customized and never become obsolete bottles and containers, to offer solutions for low MOQ and low cost for mold, to enjoy the a truly and personalized water bottle, to have a healthy way of life.

We believe that glass is the most important and healthiest material for a safe drinking and reducing the pollution.

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