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Do you know how to make custom glass water bottles imprinted with your logo ?

Instructions Of Custom Glass Water Bottles Imprinted with Your Logo 

Glass water bottles are aware of a good promotional gifts or good drinking container.  For business purposes, clients prefer more to printing their own logo on the glass bottles. Let’s see what should client notice when you want to buy wholesale glass water bottle with your logo.

1. Select the designs of the glass water bottles according to your needs. 

There are many types of glass water bottles in the market, if you do not know, you can go to read this  article first eight kinds of glass water bottles.
Then you should confirm the order quantity, delivery time, package details, payment terms with your supplier.

2.  Send your logo or pattern design that you want to print

Make clear the Patone color no. of each color of  your logo if your logo is not only in white or black.
Sure the size and the location of logo will be placed on the bottle.
There are two printing ways of glass water bottles : Silk Screen Printing or Heat Transfer.
Generally, silk screen fits for single color logo printing, and heat transfer for muti-color printing.
Notice : 1. Gradient color logo can not be printed.
2. Color can not the acutally same as pantone, it is nearly.

3. Ask the supplier to send you sketch or effective view of your logo on bottles

It will help you to know that your supplier whether understand what you tell or not, and it will be a good proof once your supplier send you not right glass bottles.  Also, you can image how your logo looks like from it.

4. Make a sample first before mass production

While directly go to mass production willl take a lot of risks, you see, if the logo is printed on, it is hard to wipe off.
Make out a sample first to see the real products and to see the real image of your logo showed on the bottle.
If you do not satisfy, you have much room to do some changes with your supplier.
And if you satisfy, then it will be happy for both side to go on mass production.
However, be sure that, if you are happy the sample you get, to tell your supplier,
To do the mass production same as the sample you got.

sometimes, people will misunderstand each others due to the linguistic.

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