Do you know there are eight kinds of glass water bottles ?

Eight Types of Glass Water Bottle for Different Needs

Staying hydrated is important. And a good water bottle will work best for you to keep drinking. Glass water bottles takes a great role of the market of standard drinking water bottles, the reason for that is glass that is the one of the best safest material for drinking containers, no worries about any chemical substances like BPA leaking into your water, and purely clean taste, reusable good for the environmental, they are trending increased liked by the market. However, there are various types of glass water bottles for different needs.

A. divided into structure, glass water bottles have two types :

1. Single Wall Glass Water Bottle 


Single wall glass water bottle is usual with a simple and unique design, which looks like sleek and modern. Due to the cost of it is cheap, it often plays the role for giveaway product, for a good market branding.  Or people buy it for simpe purpose for water hydrate.

Bottle sizes will range from 260 ml -1000 ml according to the promotional needs.

Price ranges from 1-3 USD per piece.





2.Double Wall Glass Water Bottle

Bwetten the two layers of the glass, there is vacuum. Thus double walled glass water bottle can keep the temperature of water for longer time than single wall glass water bottle. It is good for cold or hot water drinking, the material borosilicate glass can bear the heat resitance from -30 degree to 120 degree.

Many tea drinkers love glass tea flask caused the glass is clear to see inside what your tea looks like, it is in right color or in right concentration.

Doule walled structure will help you protect your hand hurted by poured into boiled water. The size for double wall glass water bottles various from 300 -500 ml.

Price ranges from 2-5 USD /piece


B. Classified into usage, glass water bottles have six types

  1. Tea/ coffee infused glass water bottle

Tea infused glass water bottles often has an in- built tea filter inside the glass bottles, some tea filters are in screw ways, and others are in pressed way installed.

And other styles of tea infused glass water bottles has a removable tea filter on the top of the glass with handles. easily takes off from the bottle if you do not need it.

For my personal , I like the tea filters removable on the top, that if i do not want over steep my tea, then i can get out the tea filter.



2. Sports/ Travel Glass Water Bottle 

It is easy to find out the bottle is good for sports or travel. Due to the glass material is easy for breaking, and you do not want your bottle broken and the water leaking everywhere in your bags.

So the glass body is often wrapped with silicone sleeve, which can help bottles bearing the crash in your sports or travel.

And the lid has a portable handle for easily taking on the go.

Some bottles will have a straw inside, for if you are on hiking, you do not need screw off the lid, but just drinking your water by one hand or by mouth.


3. Milk Glass Water Bottle

 More and more milk companies likes to have a beautiful reuable container for filled in their market. However, the glass is transparent, not good for directly filled in milk under the sunshine, or will have something bad for milk inside.

The new printing way solve this problem perfectly, to wrapped the milk glass bottle with a thicker pvc film. And printing beautiful marketing pattern on the pvc film.

Not only a milk bottle, but also it is an enjoyable of your healthy lifestyle.





4. Beverage/ Fruit Infuser Glass Water Bottle

 Want to detox your hydrae with fruit infuser ?  And you may adds different kinds of fruit mixed into water to have your own special flavour.

I guess  you do not want to refill your fruit several times per day , for taking a lot of time.

Well, that is a big size water bottle will much help you to hold the detox water to drink through your entire day.

And the bottle left side is with a natual bamboo lid. While you takes your fruit infuer water bottle outside the city, to hide yourself in wood, you feel much better in quiet and peaceful circumstances.



5. Crystal Glass Water Bottle 

 A pure crystal stone is firmly fastened inside-built, creating an elixir that supports revitalization and clarification of the mind and body.

The crystal water bottle has amazing apperance that attract clients’ eyes, can not move it on. Though there is no evidence to show that a water bottle will help people hydrate more,  it is also good to have a water bottle with outstanding apperance. And especially it has fuctions to offer energy.




6. Promotional Gifts Glass Water Bottle

Many consulting market company likes to offer different choices for clients now for branding market service, from the traditional plastic water bottle which is cheap to now the more healthy glass drinking bottle .

The concerning about the enviormental protection is treated as a good performance in the clients’ minds for enterprise. And the glass bottle perhaps help those enterprise to build a good image.

With suitable quality water bottle branded the custom logo on the glass body and sleeve,  and with pretty acceptable price by the enterprise, glass water bottle is certainly being a good choice for branding marketing.



Hope this writing will do something good for you to know clear how many types of glass water bottles in the market, and can assist you to choose the right glass water bottle for your own needs.

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