frequently asked questions of borosilicate glass water bottles

Frequently Asked Questions of Borosilicate Glass Water Bottles

22 Questions Might Be Asked By Your Clients

  1. Why Glass Bottles ?

Glass is seen by many as the most pure and healthy way to drink water. Glass bottles are popular because the material has never contained BPA or leaking any chemical to your water. And It is a 100% recyclable, sustainable material that can be recycled continuously without losing its purity or quality.

  1. Why Glass Water Bottles are Eco- friendly ?

Each and every component used in glass bottles’ construction, including packaging, can be recycled. Recycled glass bottles can be made in new ones, by using glass bottle instead of a plastic alternative, you are helping reduce the environmental burden on the planet.

  1. What are benefits of glass?  Why should I buy a glass bottle over a plastic or metal one ?

Glass has been a trusted material for centuries. It is one of the greenest materials on the planet, is 100% recyclable and is safe. Unlike plastic, when using glass, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals like BPA  leaching into your liquids. Not only does your water taste better coming out of a glass bottle, because there is never a plastic or metallic taste.

  1. What is the Borosilicate glass ?

Borosilicate glass is known for its superior durability, chemical and heat resistance, and is excellent for use in chemical laboratory equipment and cookware. This allows the bottle to go from the freezer to boiling water pot without incident.

  1. What are the differences between soda lime glass and borosilicate glass ?

Borosilicate glass is made to withstand high extemly temperatures as 150 degree C, while soda lime glass is made to hold cold drinks. And soda lime glass is much weightier than borosilicate ones.

  1. Is Glass Water Bottle Reusable ?

yes, you can try different fruit, herbs, etc in the bottle every day! Use it as you would.

  1. What are glass bottle and components made ?

Body is made from borosilicate glass. Lid inside screw usual is made of polypropylene #5, the seal is medical grade silicone.

  1. Does the lid BPA Free ?

Yes, the lid is BPA free. It is made of polypropylene #5.  it contains zero Bisphenol A and has no known leaching characteristics.

  1. Does the glass water bottle work well with essential oils ?

Yes, because it’s glass. You can put lemon, or lime or grapefruit in all the time. Enjoy!

  1. Is the glass bottle leak-proof ?

The bottles are designed to no leaking. Just make sure when you close it its nice and tight and correct. And make sure the inside silicone ring does not damage and sit on the right place.

  1. Can glass water bottle be placed in the freezer overnight ?

If the glass material is borosilicate glass, yes, it can. it would be a problem to put in freezer. But take care that not full of water, or you may be hard to open it.

  1. Will it break if i put hot boiled water in ?

It does not break, for safely, would better do not put it full of boiled water in one time pouring.

  1. Is the glass water bottle both dish-washerand microwave safe ?

The bottle itself is Dishwasher and microwave safe, but please take off  the cap.  Top rack Dish-wash may damage the lid.

  1. Does the bottle fit in the cup holder of my car ?

It depends the sizes of bottle, usual most bottles fit in, but except those big size bottles.

  1. Is it insulated ?

The single wall glass bottles are not insulated. The double walled glass can be insulated your drinkings for 2 hours cold or hot.

16.Why glass water bottles have a silicone sleeve ?

Silicone sleeves were designed not only to look stylish but also help protect the bottle from the occasional bump and drop. And also protecting you not hurt by the hot water.

17. Can I keep the silicone sleeve on it when I wash it ?

It is fine. it’s suitable for dishwasher

18. Can the silicone sleeve move easily ?

Yes,  Pull out the silicone from the hole in the bottom, the sleeve will slide right out.

19. How to clean glass water bottles?

glass water bottle clean should be quite easy.  It can be cleaned in the dishwasher or hand-cleaned with warm soapy water and gentle hands . For dishwasher use, you are advised to remove the outer cap.

20. Is the stainless steel infuser enough for loose tea ?

Yes, the slots in the diffuser is samll to hold loose tea in and would not slip into the rest of the cup.

21. There were some white marks on my bottle when it comes, what is that ?

The bottles are washed after production in water and air dry them. This can sometimes leave water marks, which you can simply rinse off.

22. Does glass water bottle help you lose weight ?

Obviously, there are many components that factor into losing weight. But the glass bottles help you drink more water, which contributes to weight loss.

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