quality glass water bottle

Is it the glass water bottle you buy with good quality ? How to know ?

How to know the qualtiy of the glass water bottle ?

For having a good performance of heat resistance, most glass water bottles are made from borosilicate glass, which we called pyrex glass. However, though the market sells the same material borosilicate glass water bottles,  they may have different quality, even some bad quality bottles will bring hazards. We value the quality of glass water bottles from the following three aspects.

puriness glass

  1. Check the glass material pureness
    If the borosilicate glass is not pureness, there would be showed “fringe ” “bubble” or ” grit” on bottles body.
    Fringe can not be sawed by eyes in the normal situation, while the fringe is bold, you can touch the glass body to find it.
    But if the fringe is small , you only can find it against the light.
    So, the first thing you get the sample of glass water bottle, you should better touch it, to feel it smooth or not, and then hold it up to the light, to make sure the bottle you buy that does not have fringe.
    Bubble is divided into parison bubble and operation bubble by the formation. Parison bubble exsits depth place in the glass, it looks like a little small circle from outside. Operation bubble is like fish eye, easily be poked and fall off.
    Grit is one kind of white silicone grain which is not melting during production or other impurity issue like dusty, it is hard to find when it hides the thicken bottom.  Many bottles shatter suddenly caused by those grit.
    Portable water bottles2.Check the wall thickness of glass 
    Generally, each part thickness of the glass wall should be the same, and not having a gap over 0.5 mm. Hold your bottle against the light, to see the glass water bottle has the same light perception, do not see this part is bright, and other part is dark. And place the bottle on the desk, the bottle should be stable.What is more, click the glass wall by your fingers, then you should hear the good and happy sound back.
    3.Check the outward apperance
    A good quality glass water bottle should not have scratches or mold printing mark  on the bottle. And the bottle bottom is thicker than the glass wall. Also the lid screw on the bottle, should not  be  too tight or loose, it is just fit, easily to open or close.



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